Dinah is preparing for her first ever fight as an amateur kick-boxer. As the fight approaches she attempts to re-connect with her father, however this brings back traumatic memories from the past.


The next film coming by Gatton Films, DINAH, is a story about overcoming abuse. With the rise of the #MeToo movement and awareness on mental health issues, we recognise that many people grow up struggling with mental health issues as a consequence of their trauma. 

The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement also highlights a need for conversations on trauma, with members of the black community at the heart of it. We hope DINAH will not only increase awareness of how trauma can linger years after the abusive act for all who watch it, but also lead to a greater understanding on the subject from a black and mixed-race perspective.

As a result, we hope that charities and other outfits may be able to use the film as an awareness piece as they see fit.

A film about such an important topic deserves a talented crew, and that's exactly what we've assembled to bring this script to life.

Keep up to date with the development of the film/discussions about abuse on the film's official instagram and twitter accounts.

Director / Writer - Guy Taylor

"I believe that DINAH is a story that carries a lot of social importance. As a short film that involves topics such as childhood trauma and sexual assault there may be areas that make the viewers uncomfortable, however I think that it’s important to push these boundaries, especially in a way that can try to open the viewer’s mind regarding their own perception of such events."

Shortly after graduating from university in engineering, Guy decided to pursue his passion for film. He threw himself into the industry and worked across many roles until he began working as a director. His short films have gone on to win awards and praise internationally, and he hopes to continue this trajectory with DINAH.

Writer / Lead Actor - Leda Douglas

"To me, DINAH provides a fresh perspective on trauma, especially within BAME communities as, in addition to raising awareness, it identifies cultural nuances (so often lacking in the media) through the central characters relationship with her father."

Leda's recent credits include: THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, SHUDDER at the Soho theatre, the one woman show NUCLEAR FUTURE which toured the UK, and THE TIME MACHINE with Creation Theatre (now on a virtual platform). Her film credits include the short film Housekeeping, two TV commercials. Today, she is developing skills in kickboxing in preparation for her lead role in the short film DINAH.

DoP - Andrei Pacuraru 

"My goal for DINAH is to create a compositional and tonal evolution that encompasses a transformative moment in the protagonist's life. The lighting and camera are to complement the journey of self-understanding and self-mastery."

Complete dedication and attention to detail are the two characteristics that guide Andrei’s approach both to life and to filmmaking. This has led to his work being screened around the world, garnering multiple awards thanks to tightly-knit relationships with his collaborators and a continuous drive to render the extraordinary in the mundane, the engaging moments in day-to-day life.

Production Designer - Ysabel Kaye

"In DINAH it is important to me that the sets support not only the tone of Dinah's subconscious feelings, but also give shape to her evolving feelings of security (or lack of) in a culture of systematic abuse."

Ysa began in the general art department trying out various roles and then came across the Set Dec department on a larger production. She fell in love with it and has been learning and working as the right hand woman with Set Decorators and Set Designers ever since. She has worked on various short films and personal creative projects in collaboration with directors, singers, designers and festival teams in parallel with the larger projects.

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