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Doubts and Fantasies


Doubts and fantasies.  They are the universally human products of imagination, creativity, uncertainty, fear.

This short film of the same name is set against the cosmopolitan backdrop of London, it encapsulates the intense highs and lows that come from living in one of the most vibrant and challenging cities in the world.  The structure emulates the intertwined and contrary elements of emotionally charged moments that connect us all in our day to day lives and especially in our varying relationships with each other.

The story’s dramatic underpinning is a chain of events that comes full circle at the conclusion of the film.

Six scenes. Six characters, with only two characters per scene. All characters are navigating their ups and downs – their doubts and fantasies - giving the tone of the story a high-pitched intensity.

Directed by Guy Taylor.

Written by Shwan Ziad.

So far, Doubts and Fantasies has the following laurels to its name:

Scene Awards - Best Short Under 20 minutes

London International Monthly Film Festival - Honourable Mention

Budapest Movie Awards - Official Selection

Doubts and Fantasies: About
Doubts and Fantasies: Pro Gallery
Doubts and Fantasies: Pro Gallery
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