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The Bench


Ian, a junior accountant, is sat on a bench when a mysterious man sits next to him and assigns him a top secret mission. Little does he know, he has been mistaken for a top killer and must now try to salvage his lunch break.

A collaboration with VG Media.

Written and Directed by Guy Taylor.

The Bench has so far had a very successful festival run. So far accumulating the following awards/selections:

Tokyo International Short Film Festival - Best Comedy

Cooper Awards - Best Comedy Short

Onyko Films Awards - Best Comedy

Niagara Falls International Short Festival - Best Comedy Short

Cotswold International Film Festival - Best Comedy Short Film

Rome International Movie Awards - Best Dark Comedy

Accord Cine Fest - Best Comedy Short

Andromeda Film Festival - Best Comedy Short

Berlin Shorts Award - Finalist

Golden Short Film Festival - Finalist

Dark Story Festival - Finalist

London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival - Honourable Mention

Night of Comedy Shorts - Honourable Mention

Screen Power Film Festival - Honourable Mention

Reale Film Festival - Monthly Awards - Honourable Mention

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival - Honourable Mention

2021 UK Seasonal Short Film Festival - Honourable Mention

Dorset Indie Film Festival - Official Selection

Monthly Indie Shorts - Official Selection

Dark Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection

Phoenix Shorts - Official Selection

UK Monthly Film Festival - Official Selection

The Lift-Off Sessions - Official Selection

Lift-Off Online Sessions - Official Selection

Golden Wheat Awards - Official Selection

Dorking Film Festival - Official Selection

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